QB Training

Throw It Deep coaches evaluate and break down specific areas of each quarterback in our training academy. Our QB training starts from the ground up, focusing on laying a solid foundation to allow for balance and control. The misconception around the QB position is that you need to have a strong arm to throw the football, but that is simply just not the case. Our training philosophy is 100% based off of biomechanics that allow for maximum performance and minimum stress on the body. That is why our quarterback training is universal for all levels of football, from youth and high school to college and NFL players.


TID coaches challenge our quarterbacks to be complete players — and to be the best that they can be. Drills are game-like in terms of speed and complexity. And specific mechanical drills focus on the areas where QBs will improve in the shortest amount of time. TID offers each QB a positive and competitive learning environment while also stressing discipline, attitude, character, and leadership. Quarterbacks will learn the tangibles and intangibles of playing the position.