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QB Training

Throw It Deep is based out of Chicago, Illinois and specializes in year-round quarterback training and development. We have a proven track record training youth, middle school, high school, college, and pro quarterbacks. Our training focuses on the proper footwork, throwing, and body mechanics as well as the mental and physical aspects of playing the quarterback position. Our goal at TID is to educate and to create confidence on how to correctly play the position at game speed.


Our mission is to develop QBs & WRs to reach their highest potential in football through a well-rounded instructional program. Our focus is on using proven training techniques which leads to proper mechanics. Our training is not only based on the goals of the individuals in our academy, but also of the Throw It Deep program, which is to create leaders both on and off the field.


Head WR/Ball Skill Coach T.K. Ehlebracht has invested thousands of hours researching wide receiver and ball skill training, and has formulated a system of drills that focus on using proper techniques that increase performance immediately. Specific techniques that we teach are back shoulder catching, breakdown, acceleration, creating a proper window, hand eye coordination, and route running. Our drills have been designed to completely eliminate body catching while increasing each player’s body control and balance.


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